Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
– Albert Einstein

Our experience has shown that young artists in training are quite capable, with the guidance of trained professionals, to constructively add their voices to the dialogue of their community through their art. We believe that our guidance can help them to create the art of their future, rather than solely to interpret the art of our past.  We also observe that this generation of children is more challenged than ever to command their own attention.  As performance training is also the training of awareness, our intention is to help these young artists know that they can command and direct their own attention and to offer them opportunities to understand why they may wish to do so. 

We are also offering a Young Ensemble consisting of 10-12th graders.  That “company” would train together and devise performances together.  We hope that in the future, some of those students may become student leaders in the training of younger children. We are beginning a new era of educational engagement with our community.  We intend to have students training in our on site classes as well as qualified teachers out into the schools to fill a current void in substantial arts education. 

Our plans include creating a studio space for teaching and learning including conversion of 1/3 of our third floor space to a teaching studio and lab.  Marley flooring to create a safe environment for physical student exploration will be ordered as will lighting equipment and other, hands-on teaching supplies needed for our very physical program.

Our search for a new Education Director is underway.  We are committed to keeping costs as low as possible for families and, with the help of the Vivian Turner Estate, local industry, grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and our individual donors, we are able to offer scholarships and work-study opportunities.