We love music, and music-lovers appreciate the unique experience a listening room environment offers.  A listening room is a space set aside solely for experiencing music. No dart boards, no pool tables.  A dedicated auditory experience.  Now Decatur has one: The Redstone Federal Credit Union Loft @ the Princess Theatre.  Sit on a couch and listen like you might in your living room. Sit at a table and enjoy a drink with friends while you take in the sound. 

Serties passes are on sale now. Please call the Box Office to reserve your seats.

Individual Ticket Sales will be availalbe for purchase as of  July 1st. You can book these through the website (princesstheatre.org) or call the box office at 256-350-1745.


Growing up, Lottie split her time between both Chapman and Montgomery, Alabama, getting a taste for the city during the week for school, and staying tied to her extended family in the country on weekends and summer months. She credits her mother’s taste in “just good music” for helping shape her songwriting style, and it was a cousin’s guitar style that helped awaken a more upbeat sound. Now in Nashville, her music shimmers with Music City’s signature polish, but continues to twang with the soul of the deeper south. Raised in a familial tradition of strong women, Lottie carries this legacy proudly with tunes that stand tall, while remembering where they learned such poise.

Distinctively southern, Jill Kinsey draws listeners in and allows them to feel her rough around-the-edges vulnerability. The Texas born beauty queen turned Nashville rockin’ country sweetheart is well known for her engaging performances, making audiences feel wrapped in her music. “The platform is music and the message is love” says Kinsey. Her songwriting remains honest and raw as she stays true to her soul down to every last note.


Ricky j Taylor grew up in Kentucky where music was a family tradition. His own music is born from matters of the heart and stays true to his Southern roots. An award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Ricky is a talented vocalist, plays guitar and upright bass. He's performed with Grammy-winner Claire Lynch and with eventual Grand Old Opry member Mike Snyder, appeared on syndicated television shows, including Heartland Network's Dugger Mountain Music Hall, CMT's Most Wanted, TNNs New Country, as well as on the Earnest Tubb Radio Show.

Mudbone tells the story of American music one song at a time. His performances reach a broad audience by taking them on a journey from the late 19th century when bluegrass met the blues, through the country, soul, funk, and rock & roll of the 20th century. Mudbone has opened for Dean Dillon, Charlie Daniel’s Band, Merle Haggard, Jamey Johnson, Kid Rock, Lisa Marie Presley, and many more.

Hannah has been playing professionally for more than a decade, touring with Indigo Girls and opending for or sharing the stage with Pat Benatar, Melissa Etheridge, Kristian Bush (of Sugarland), Terri Clark, Lydia Loveless Cheryl Wright, Michelle Chamuel, Capital Cities, Shawn Mullins, Michelle Malone, Randall Bramblett and more.

Alabama. King Cotton. Slavery. Civil War. The Cradle of the Confederacy. The "Heart of Dixie." Jim Crow. Scottsboro Boys. Bible Belt. Ku Klux Klan. Bus boycott. Freedom Rides. Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Fire Hoses. Church bombing. Montgomery. Birmingham. Selma. Voting Rights. Rosa Parks. George Wallace. Martin Luther King. Bull Connor. Ten Commandments. Cities and Farms. Poverty and Wealth. Black and White. Sin and Salvation. Good and Bad. Pride and Shame. This is Alabama. This is where Tim Tucker comes from. This is who he is. The seeds of every song Tucker writes were sown from all of these sources and he owes it to them and to himself to never give up on the greatest talent he possess.\ Recently a record label in England has chosen two of his songs for worldwide release on two separate compilation records. All of his music is available on all platforms. 

Evan Walker is an Alabama based singer songwriter. His unique, soulful, Country, and Southern Rock sound is the driving force behind his touring. Drawing influences from countless other artists that have come from the Neely Henry ,all the way up to Muscle Shoals and the Singin' River. Evan's fun loving attitude, and "let it go" energy will have you singing along to a memory. "He has a way of telling a story that puts you in his place. Music takes everyone differently, but somehow you always feel like you are right there.", say more than a few of his fans. Evan is only getting started, and continues to push further and further out. Show up and show out for a toe tapping, boot stomping good time. 

Simplicity doesn’t mean simple, certainly when it comes to music and the music of Gadsden, Alabama’s own Albert Simpson is certainly no exception. His Southern, funky folk sound and his rich Alabama accented voice are only the surface elements of the complex, honest, and revealing songwriting that lies beneath the most recent addition to the Ten Ton Records roster. While having often seen working in collaborative settings such as Highly Kind (who’s album Don’t Wake Albert stands as a landmark work for Allam Brothers and Widespread Panic producer Johnny Sandlin), as a member of Mobile’s Dean and guesting with (San Francisco Giant) Jake Peavy and The Outsiders for the “Can’t Stop the Train: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia” benefit concert that featured Grateful Dead legendary Phil Lesh at the legendary Fillmore West.

Decatur resident Gray Cauthen, the grandson of Alabama Music Hall of Fame Inductee Johnny Sandlin, who produced albums by The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic, The Aquarium Rescue Unit and many others.

John Williams applies a blend of jazz, blues and folk to his original music, creating a rich and unique style.  He is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from nearby Birmingham and his influences range from Pat Metheny to John Mayer and all points between. His playing partner and brother, Chas Williams, brings deep studio and touring chops from Nashville. Having done extensive tours with Wynonna and Nancy Griffin, Chas’ style is hard to put in a single box. Bringing all these influences together leads to a night of inventive and eclectic sound.

The Retrovales are a folk/pop duo based out of Huntsville, AL, fronted by SarahJayne and Corey Travis. The pair use harmonies and catchy melodies to their advantage. Songs like, "Madeleine," "Ghost," and "Without You" have pushed them ahead in their local scene, and they have been making waves regionally as well, from touring to networking and everything in between. In April of 2018, they released their EP, "Ghost," which documents the emotions that surround loss - sadness, hope, anger, etc. One thing is for certain: The Retrovales will make you feel something.

Armed with a soulfully fluid voice, Remy Neal brings forth expressive melodies backed by piano pop rhythms, weaving a music listening experience that uplifts the spirit and leaves an impression. Remy was born and raised in Decatur, AL.  He moved to New York City and toured the country for many years before returning home. Currently based in Huntsville, Alabama, Remy brings forth his own flavor of New York theatrics with whimsy and charm when performing for his live audiences. While his singing voice is a character of its own, his unique looping style and presence on stage embodies the true life of his sound.


Past Artists Include the Following: 

Summer/Fall 2017

Shannon Lawson
Angela Hacker and James LeBlanc
Rob Aldridge and Rob Malone
Jarrod Barrier and Rick Brantley
Scott Mulvahill
Nicki Talley and Jason Sharp

Winter/Spring 2018

Davis Nix and Kyle Wilson
Janelle Arthur and Jeff Hodge
Kristy Lee
Chris Canterbury and Adam Hood
Debbie Bond and Radiator Rick
Shonna Tucker and BIlly Don Burns