Singer Songwriter Listening Room Series
Fall 2020

Due to COVID, these shows will be socially distanced show in the main theatre. Currently, all seats for sale are spaced six feet apart and sold by the twos. If you need more than two, please call 256-426-1080 and we will get you taken care of and space accordingly.

Individual Ticket Sales will be available for purchase as of October 1st. You can book these through the website ( or call the box office at 256-350-1745.

October 8th: Dave Kennedy



With a voice like a runaway freight train, Dave Kennedy has been a singer/songwriter for nearly a decade and has influences of both old and new country, mixed with a little rock-and-roll. Although his wife and daughters keep him longing for home, Kennedy recently toured with country artist Drake White and is starting to work on his first full-length solo album. Dave Kennedy's songs are equal parts heartbreak, redemption, whiskey and truth, which is why he’s quickly become a favorite of music fans, songwriter and artists alike. 


November 12th: Cristina Lynn and Remy Neal


Cristina Lynn is a petite singer/songwriter with a powerful, rich voice. Her lyrics offer you, the listener, a chance to sit back and consider all the blessings; good, bad & ugly, that life has to offer. Beyond her talent, what grabs people’s attention when she performs is her demeanor. Her face glows and her smile radiates pure joy, as she shares from her heart & her soul. There’s a sense of peace and authenticity about Cristina & her lyrics that draws people instantly in – and they want to know what her secret is. Cristina didn’t set out to find music, she says music found her.

Armed with a soulfully fluid voice, one-man-band Remy Neal brings forth expressive melodies backed by piano pop rhythms, weaving a music listening experience that uplifts the spirit and leaves an impression. Currently based in Huntsville, Alabama, Remy brings forth his own flavor of New York theatrics with whimsy and charm when performing for his live audiences.

December 10th: Daryl Wayne Dasher and Sadie McClendon

December 10th: Daryl Wayne Dasher is a Tennessee based singer/songwriter who brings a fresh and organic approach to Country and Folk music. His lyrics often revolve around social consciousness, the great outdoors, personal conflict, and love. His enthusiasm for his craft is infectious and his live shows are guaranteed to leave you with a more positive attitude. Sadie McClendon has been entertaining listeners young and old since she was 8 years old.   You can find Sadie playing your favorite restaurants, bars, and theaters all around the Southeast US.  She most recently appeared on stage with Jamey Johnson.





Past Artists Include the Following: 

Summer/Fall 2017

Shannon Lawson
Angela Hacker and James LeBlanc
Rob Aldridge and Rob Malone
Jarrod Barrier and Rick Brantley
Scott Mulvahill
Nicki Talley and Jason Sharp

Winter/Spring 2018

Davis Nix and Kyle Wilson
Janelle Arthur and Jeff Hodge
Kristy Lee
Chris Canterbury and Adam Hood
Debbie Bond and Radiator Rick
Shonna Tucker and BIlly Don Burns

Summer/Fall 2018
Jill Kinsey and Lottie Moore
Ricky j. Taylor and Mudbone
Hannah Thomas and Tim Tucker
Evan Walker and Albert Simpson
Gray Cauthen and John & Chas Williams
The Retrovales and Remy Neal

Winter/Spring 2019

Chris Canterbury and Dave Kennedy
Kalsey Kulyk and Rob Snyder
Travis Meadows
Keller & Cole and Brandon Whyde
Erin Enderlin
Brigitte London and Daryl Wayne Dasher

Summer/Fall  2019

Mitch Mann and Russell Mefford
Kayla Ray and Wade Sapp
Jess Jacoy and David Borne
Emily Daniel and Leith Loftin
Adam Hood
Amy McCarley and NMBR 11

Winter/Spring 2020

Chuck Hawthorne
Payton Taylor and William Michael Morgan
Travis Meadows
Kyle Wilson and Chad Wilson
Adam Wakefield
Aaron Raitiere