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Elementary Camp

Students will write and perform their own play or musical based on a well known fairy tale, folk tale, or children's book. They will design and create their own costumes and sets as well.  The goal is to familiarize students with the process of all that goes into creating and producing a show.  It's a great way to introduce theatre to a student just beginning and it's lots of fun and experience for the veteran performer as well.

Education Director: Courtney Blanchette (Coach B.)
Middle/High Camp

Students will rehearse, produce, and perform a short theatrical production. They will design as well as perform. This is a wonderful way to introduce the process for a student who has always wanted to try theatre but never has.  It's also lots of fun for the experienced student.  In four days they will create their own showcase style work with a theme of their choice.  

Students should come with a prepared song and/or monologue, prepared scene and/or duet/trio, and an idea for a group song, dance number, or scene.

Education Director: Courtney Blanchette (Coach B.)

We want participation in our programming to be as affordable as possible, so we're delighted to offer the following special discounts to our students:

Member Discount

Save 10% off registration if a student or family member is a current member holder at the time of enrollment.  

Sibling Discount

After registering one child at full price, save 10% off of each subsequent child registered up to 30% off of class and camps tuitions.  This discount cannot combine with the Combo discount.   

Returning Student Discount

(available summer Camps only)
Back again this Summer? This tuition discount takes $15 off the total tuition price for the student who comes back and can be used each year he/she returns after the first year.  It does not increase each year.  It can be combined with 1 of the other discounts. 

            *You may combine ONLY 1discounts at a time.  Membership,  Sibling, and Returning Student discounts are automated through our online class registration system.  You'll be given the option to check a box to signify that you are a member during the process as well, which will be verified upon order receipt.