To many, it seems our iconic theatre has been sleeping. Her long nap is now over and she is wide awake (and drinking espresso!). Our staff, directors and committees are making sure your theatre is home to those seeking to be inspired by the arts and to those who want to reap the benefits of an arts-based economy.

Since March 2016, the Princess Theatre has held 13 community-based, rent-free events, and we yearn to do more. Your support will allow us to open the doors of this grand lady to more classes, more performances and to extend our reach to new faces and to embrace new friends. Thanks to donors such as our friends below, be are able to further awaken the Princess!

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Princess Theatre 2016-2017 Contributors

Tolly Circle
The Shelton Family

Legend Circle
Jack and Laura Fite
Britt Sexton
Skip Thompson

Marquee Circle
Julia and Nick Roth
Townhouse Galleries

Director Circle
Ernest Ball
Downtown Revelopment
Gerald Ginwright
Karen Thomas

Leader Circle
Roger and Cindy Anders
Gary and Rita Baker
Bill and Jackie Briscoe
John and Eleanor Cook
Lynn and Anne Fowler
Progress Bank
Robert and Kathleen McWhorter
Cynthia and Tim Volin

Sustainer Circle
Bank Independent
Kim Denny
Kenneth and Lynn Schuppert
Judy and Dan Thomas
Cynthia Volin
Wyker Family Foundation

Contributor Circle
John and Peggy Black
Leigh Cassady
Howard and Gail Charnell
Roger and Myra Cook
I.C. and Melissa Craig
Martha Schoel Freeman
Karen Gearhart
Bob and Laurie Glenn
Steven and Penny Haddock
Susan Kirkes
Allyson and Ed Land
James and June Odom
Randolph and Betty Pickell
Patricia H. Woller
Dr. Tom Ray
Winifred Reed
Catherine C Saenger
J.P. Smartt, Jr.

Friend Circle
Scott and Lindsey Faulkner
Kinsey Gillespie
Rolf Geodhart
Mary Nichols Hicks
Debbie Joyner
Glenna and Michael Jones
Priscilla Kines
Bailey Lovell
Lucy Miller
Marcia Overstreet
Glennis and Donald Posey
Katherine Slaton
Gertrude Spain