Volunteers will get us through a time of no money better than money will get us through a time of no volunteers. -Ken Wyman

Our Community Board consists of a committed group of volunteers who work to support the growth of the Princess Theatre as ambassadors as well as by giving of their time to help our events and enterprises be most successful. They serve as:

  • advisors
  • committee members
  • hosts and hostesses at events
  • special events volunteers
  • snack-bringers for children’s classes
  • helping decorate for special events
  • extra concessions helpers
  • envelope-addressers and stuffers

Would you like to serve on our Community Board? Contact our Community Board Chair, Ed Nichols at ecnichols@me.com

Current Community Board Members

  • Jake Reed
  • Willa Dockery
  • Susan Kirkes
  • Diane Holman
  • Darrin Kerby
  • Terri Collins
  • Rita Baker
  • Bill Briscoe
  • Lindsey Faulkner
  • Janet South
  • Cindy Upton
  • Shelia Motley